Become Our Partner

Become Our Partner

Thank you for showing your interest in Scraapy 

Are you an automobile workshop, industry, business setup that generates waste on a daily basis? Or are you someone who deals in buying and selling different types of waste or scrap materials online? If you are the one let us know we will help you out to make the waste our concern and business yours. 

Become our partner: It’s quick and trouble-free 

Scraapy, a leading scrap-based company in the scrap recycling industry excelling in the specialization of buying and selling different kinds of scrap materials and used auto spare parts, welcomes all sources that produce waste on a regular basis to join us. 

With the intent to shift towards the environment and reduce waste materials we buy and sell scrap materials and used auto spare parts with stress-free pickup services. We have established ourselves as a reputable and reliable company that stands toe-to-toe with its customers, partners, and affiliates.

Why Partner With Us? 

Being with us is a win-win opportunity, as we bring impassioned, skilled, and aspiring business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders together for mutual benefits creating an extra formidable environment to work and grow. 

Contact Us If You Are? 
1. Scrap dealer.
2. Junkyard owner.
3. Motivated, skilled, and talented.
4. Supporting our mission and initiative.
5. Passionate about what you do and the outcome you deliver.

How does it work? 

Scraapy is honored to provide the opportunity to local and international scrap companies to register themselves as an affiliate or mediators that share mutual benefits of exchange. To join hands with Scraapy you can register yourself as an affiliate or become a  partner as a scrap dealer and auto parts vendor. 


Registering yourself on Scraapy as a scrap dealer or auto part vendor is easy and free. You can register yourself by following the below-mentioned steps.

1. Register/ Login to the website 
2. Click on the Become our partner button 
3. Fill out the required details 
4. Click on the REGISTER button

Note: Scraapy has an annual subscription with a special discount of up to 50% of the subscription value in exchange to offer all types of scrap. Note: In case of any final sale, as per the agreement the charges of the agreed commission will be calculated and deducted from the total value.