What We Buy


all zinc scrapAn abundant silvery-white metal found in the Earth’s crust and used throughout industrial manufacturing is what we call zinc. In general, the metal is used to create die casts and parts for different industries like automotives, aerospace, etc., and can be easily seen there. Apart from this, the metal is used to galvanize steel, and another form of zinc is placed in different places like paints, plastics, batteries, and others. If you are someone who has a large or small amount of zinc in their home, factory, industry, or any other place and is willing to sell it at a reasonable price, Feel free to contact Scraapy, one of the leading zinc scrap dealers in KSA. We deal in buying all kinds of zinc scrap, like scores and dross. The zinc scrap accepted by us also includes clean, dry, and unalloyed zinc sheet scrap and others in various forms like die-cast, zinc plates, zinc boring, and many others. Due to the outgrowing and extensive use of the metal, the zinc scrap price tends to fluctuate as per the demand and supply in the market. Sell your zinc scrap to us and get the best deals with a door-to-door pickup facility and an instant payment method.

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