What We Buy


Plastic was one of the most widely used products in the 20s, consisting of a wide range of synthetic or semi-synthetic materials. Around the world, millions of plastic bottles are consumed every day, at the same time as five trillion single-use plastic bags are used internationally each year making it the most used product. We, at Scraapy, have been doing the business for several years with the benefit of extensive knowledge and experience in both the international and national markets. As plastic scrap buyers, we accept more than 100 grades of plastic in different forms. The regular and constant use of plastic in today’s world is termed to be a geological indicator of the Anthropocene era. Proper usage and recycling is only the key. So, if you have plastic scrap at your home, take an initiative to not litter it. Instead, reserve it and help in recycling, thus contributing to a happy and healthy environment. Selling out your plastic scrap to Scraapy will help you earn money in the easiest manner. All you have to do is contact us and proceed with the final sale of the scrap. To let the procedure of buying and selling ensue effortlessly, we provide several services like home scrap pickup, instant money transfer, and others.

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