What We Buy


Marked as one of the oldest metals known to man, Lead is a silvery-white or greyish metal widely used for batteries, cable sheathing, radiation protection, and other purposes. Even though the metal is very pliable, ductile, and thick, it is still a poor conductor of electricity. For industrial purposes, lead metal has different properties like corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, and flexibility with high damping effects. With the characteristics like being easy to extract, easy to work with, and easy to smelt lead has been commonly used for thousands of years. At Scraapy, we deal in buying all the kinds of lead scrap present in different forms. Instead of just collecting all the lead scrap in your place, the best you can do is sell it with Scraapy and earn the right price for the scrap offered. The process of selling your lead scrap to us includes a few easy steps that set you in a relaxed mode to get the deal done. If you are someone that can offer us different types of lead scrap, contact us today to collect more information on how to sell the lead scrap to us.

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