What We Buy


Iron and steel the ferrous metals. These metals are used throughout and can easily be seen in everyday life. Steel is more magnetic as it sticks to the magnet as its life depends on it. It is also known as the cheapest and heaviest metal of all. Apart from that steel is used in cars, refrigerators, washing machines, cargo ships, surgical scalpels, and others with the property of being recycled over and over again. Iron is an enigma and is one of the most recycled metals on the planet. The name comes from an Anglo Saxon name Iren. It is also magnetic but not like steel. It can be easily seen in household features like bathtubs, boilers, washing machines, etc. In general, there are three types of iron and steel scrap. Scrap generated during the production of iron and steel. New scrap generated during the processing of iron and steel products like auto components, products made of iron and steel, etc. Old scrap generated from end-of-life cycle scraps like cans, steel containers, construction material, and others. All grades of iron and steel scrap can be sold and purchased at a good value. If you are a seller who wants to sell the iron and steel scrap contact us now and let us know the details. If you are someone who deals in buying the iron and steel scrap, feel free to enquire.

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