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Do you know what e-waste is? It stands for electrical and electronic scrap, usually derived from electrical and electronic equipment such as the waste coming from refrigeration, air conditioners, televisions, monitors, laptops, lamps, large equipment like washing machines, clothes dryers, and small equipment like vacuum cleaners, electric razors, electronic toys, printers, etc. Long gone are the days when households used to keep their electronic appliances with them for more than a decade. For now, with the advancement of technology and the internet, people hardly store any devices because they find something new and let them be there as material waste. For more than a decade now, the speed of discarding electronic waste and useless electrical appliances has increased rapidly, resulting in overcrowding. So, what is another option? Simply, sell it out with Scraapy, one of the top electronic scrap buyers, accepting a wide range of electrical appliances and electronic waste.

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