What We Buy


Due to COVID-19, the demand for paper fiber is considered to be high, and in order to fulfill the needs for cartons and other paper items, recycling and making new products is the key. As recycling is here to stay, it does play a vital role in the future of the planet and helps in recycling all those paper items and cartons used in the storage of different products. We, being carton scrap buyers and sellers, are always looking for someone with the scrap. With the growing carton scrap price in Saudi Arabia, it is the right time to sell the carton scrap and earn the right value from the scrap. So, if you are someone who has tonnes of carton scrap or even less, we will get it moving with the value going straight into your pockets. We, at Scraapy, accept all kinds of carton scrap, including food cartons, beverage cartons, box cuts, glued cartons, torn cartons, and others. Individuals, businesses, or homeowners are free to contact us if they are interested in buying and selling the carton scrap. The process is simple; all you have to do is browse the website or download the app, login or register, enter the necessary information, and then wait for the order to process and be completed.

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